Monday, January 12, 2015


     Usually we wake up in the morning to the sounds of roosters crowing, one who lives next door and then others at varying distances calling out to each other in the wee hours of the morning in a crowing contest.  With the holiday season (and holiday meals!) over, we find we no longer hear any roosters.  Hmm.  But we have a new warbler to listen to!  Sometime between Thanksgiving and Christmas, we started hearing the dulcet tones of a turkey gobbling during the day.  We were sure his gobbling would end on Christmas or New Year's Day, but still he gobbles on.  We'll keep you posted.

     This is a photo of our truck.  You will notice there is an empty hole where once there was a little light that blinks, signaling a turn.  We are currently missing this little light on both sides of the truck.  They disappeared several weeks apart.  The other missionary couple, the Van Wagoner's , is also missing their little turn lights.  I understand there is an area in the city where we could go to find second-hand parts  (read that, stolen parts.)  We could even buy our own lights back if we are lucky!

One of our branch presidents carries with him a small wooden baton about 10 inches long.  We asked him why he carries it, and he explained that there are wise men in the country called "sages", and they always carry wooden sticks with them.  He explained to us that he thinks people will see him carrying this baton,  and they will think that he is a wise man.  

Wildlife alert!!!
For the second time since we arrived, I have seen monkeys wandering the streets of Bujumbura.  This last time, as we were driving down the street, I saw 2 animals dash across the road and couldn't tell what they were.  When we got to the place where they crossed, I looked to the side and there were 2 monkeys, one atop a wall and the other on the ground at the base of the wall.  It all happened so quickly I didn't have time to get a photo.  But I hope to see them again before we leave and be able to snap a picture!

For Christmas, theVan Wagoner's gave us each a coupon for a massage from a man named Terrance who gives massages in the only park in Bujumbura. This park is totally walled, and there is a small entrance fee of 500 francs.  (About $.33 cents)
This is Gary getting worked over by Terrance.  Cirque de Soleil, here we come!

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