Sunday, February 8, 2015

     Our second visiting couple was the Clayton's who were with us from Jan. 22nd to the 26th.   They came to do an audit on each of the 5 branches.  What was more important than the actual audit was the training that Elder Clayton was able to give the clerks and branch presidents.  It appears that everyone involved is becoming more competent in their callings, more aware of their responsibilities.  Loved this training!

     One afternoon we took a ride out to see the Livingston Rock.

Our last visitor for January was Desire Ilunga, the man in charge of all the physical assets (buildings) of the Church in the Lubumbashi Mission.  A couple of days before his arrival, a storm wiped out the pathetic tent "chapel" in Uvira, so one of the first things we did was go to Uvira to see the damage.

The wind blew the tent over, bending all of the metal support poles.

This is the pile of our new linoleum flooring that we just put in.  We had just replaced it not many months ago because the previous linoleum was ripped to pieces in a storm.  Deja vu?

Here is a cute group of little "supervisors" that came out to watch the excitement.

Above is the cleaned-up tent site.  All of the poles are unusable --too bent and twisted.  Looks like we are going to buy new poles and start over again.  We would really just like to move the 2 branches out of this location.  We'll keep our fingers crossed that this will happen!

These are some random shots we took in Uvira that day.
I think this guy deserves the Humanitarian Award of the year because instead of carrying his chickens by their feet, he carries them in a cage on his head!

This is a hardware store in downtown Uvira.

This guy is selling his wares on the main street while a goat looks on.

Notice all of the bright, colorful fabrics for sale.

Here is a lady selling her little dried fishes.  Sardines?

Small business owner

Uvira is between the green mountains and the lake.

Adios, Uvira.  Til next time!

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