Sunday, April 26, 2015

     I spoke too soon about a new location for Uvira.  The current one is horrible---terribly inadequate.  After telling Uvira they were getting a new location and celebrating with the branch presidents, we were then told, several days later, that the building committee in Kinshasa, over 1000 miles away, has decided that the current location will be just fine.  Arghh!!!!!  They want to save money and merely try to construct a non-permanent structure that can be divided with room dividers to make it into 3 classrooms when it is not being used as the chapel.  This requires money to be spent.  Why does this seem better than moving to a larger, better location?  It's like putting lipstick on a pig.
     The mission president agrees with us and has told Kinshasa his opinion.  We now wait to see if the weight of the mission president's wishes will help the building committee see the light.

     Sister Van Wagoner has been teaching a group of members how to sew using sewing machines.  It has been a great project, and the culmination of this class was a fashion show where each class member modeled what he/she had made.  It was a lot of fun and some much needed recognition for the students in the class!

The elders had a soccer game with the branch missionaries at this field.  I include it as a way to show the rural nature of Bujumbura and the beautiful hills in the background.

We shared the large area where the soccer match was being played with several "cows."  Love their horns!

Here are 2 of our sister missionaries.  After a bit of the soccer match, we left and took the sisters to get lunch, as the elders had not included the sisters in their plans.

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