Tuesday, July 1, 2014

     We ordered furniture to be made for the elders in Uvira----2 beds, 2 chairs, a table, some extra planks to try to make 2 existing beds more comfortable, and some shelving for our garage.  We also just bought 4 new mattresses, as soon there will be 2 more missionaries in Uvira, 2 teams instead of one.

     Today we picked up the furniture, loaded it in the back of the truck and brought 3 men home with us to put together the shelving in the garage.  We had the owner of the furniture business, his son who can speak French, and another man to help.  While they were loading he furniture in the truck, I passed out stickers to about a dozen little kids who had gathered to see the white people buy furniture.  I sometimes feel like a walking circus, a spectacle, a freak.  There is no going unnoticedOne young man said that it was very unusual to see white people in their neighborhood.
                                                          Our table

                                                       beds being put together

                                                                 chair being varnished

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