Friday, November 21, 2014

     As I think of last week's experiences, the only name I can come up with for this blog is
                                                   "QUOI FAIRE?  (WHAT TO DO?)

     First of all, we have a cute couple in Branch 1 who just got married in August.  He is the 1st counselor in the branch presidency, is one of the few endowed members, and his wife is currently taking a temple preparation class.  The only little hiccup is that now she looks about 6 months pregnant, and they have only been married 3 months.  Tongues are wagging in the branch, some demanding punishment for the perceived "error."  But, they are married and planning on going to the temple to be sealed.   QUOI FAIRE?

     We just had 2 new guards start working for us here at home.  The daytime guard is named Dieudonne.  He rides his bicycle 11/2 hours to get here to work.  At home he has a wife and 5 little kids.  (And I don't mean goats.)  He started last Wednesday.  The second night, one of the guards was looking for the iron that we had out back for the candidate missionaries.  He asked the daytime guard if he had seen the iron, and the daytime guard, Dieudonne, told him that that very day, Wednesday, Jean Paul had taken the iron, 2 cooking pots and 2 bowls with him to give to guards at the Church.  I called Jean Paul and he denied taking the things.  The next day Jean Paul and 3 guards from the Church appeared at our house.  We had quite a conversation between the new daytime guard and Jean Paul and the 3 other guards.  The 3 guards confessed to taking the items on Monday when they were in our yard doing some yard work.  Our guard, Dieudonne, swore that Jean Paul had taken the things on Wednesday.  Turns out the 3 guards from the Church had to be lying, as the items in question were not put out back for the new guards until Tuesday, so it was impossible for them to have taken them on Monday.  That means that the 3 guards were lying to protect Jean Paul.  And Jean Paul was lying too.  Very upsetting, as we work all the time with Jean Paul and trust him completely.  Or did.    QUOI FAIRE?

     The missionaries have 2 people wanting to be baptized, one admits to having killed someone and the other is a homosexual.  QUOI FAIRE?


     A member from Branch 3 is a contractor who has done work for the Church in years past.  At one point he was involved in a bad motorcycle accident,  and he had the Church pay for all his surgeries and hospital bills.  He now wants more construction work from the Church, but it is said he has gone and created his own church where he is attending and preaching falsehoods about the Church.  He only started coming back to the branch when he heard that there were more missionary couples there, and hence perhaps more opportunities to get work from the church.  He has a calling in the branch.  QUOI FAIRE?


     Gilbert, one of the orphans we brought to Bujumbura, became ill last week and was admitted to the hospital with what they said were problems with his liver.   His sister in Australia has not responded to our emails, nor has she sent any money for the hospital bills or for maintenance of the 3 siblings.  QUOI FAIRE?


     One of the candidate missionaries from Branch 1 was put in jail.  The Branch president came to ask for money to get him out of jail.  Even though they say he can be released because he is innocent,  he spent 4 days in jail and must pay to get out.?  Is he still on track to go on a mission? I WONDER IF THERE IS A CATEGORY FOR SPENDING MISSION FUNDS TITLED "BAIL?"     QUOI FAIRE?

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  1. Honesty! Will they ever really get the concept? Petitte et pettite things will get better, right!!??