Wednesday, November 12, 2014

     Do you remember way back when I described a bird song that sounded like someone playing an anasazi flute?  We have been looking to see if we could see this bird for 7-8 months.  Well, we finally saw him.  We were at the chapel at Branch 1 and he was sitting in a tree right outside the window, singing his heart out.  So I grabbed my camera, and voila!  The mysterious singer is no longer a mystery!

Wish we could take him home with us!

     Last week-end we held General Conference for the 3 branches in Bujumbura.  The Church sends us the CDs of Conference sometime afterwards, so when we received them, we decided to gather the 3 branches and do 2 days of Conference.  We arranged for buses to bring the members from Branch 2 and Branch 3 down to Branch 1.  We set up DVD players and screens in 3 different rooms so we could have one room for people who wanted to listen in French, one room for people who wanted to listen in Swahili and one room for people who wanted to hear Conference in Kirundi.  In that last room, we had to have individuals translate the talks in real time.

We showed 2 sessions of Conference on Saturday and then 2 on Sunday.  When we arrived at the branch on Saturday to set up the DVDs,  nothing was ready so we went into action.  The lady above helped us sweep the chapel using her own kind of broom.  I think it looks hard on the back!  Then I set up the chairs while Gary started getting the technical aspects of the day ready to roll.

Here are people starting to arrive who came on the bus.

This is the group who is listening to the session with a Kirundi translator.

Here is the group listening to the Conference talks in the room where the French translation  was played.

After the sessions, members visiting out on the lawn.

It was a good Conference, and I think many things were addressed that these members were happy to hear.  Lots of good talks about pertinent gospel concepts and points of doctrine.

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