Saturday, May 23, 2015

     Friday was our last full day in Africa, so the Van Wagoner's and we went to do a game drive. We signed up for a tour through the hotel.   It was about a 3 hour drive to get there, we spent about 3 hours driving around the park, and then we drove the 3 hours back to Johannesburg.  The game drive itself was a disappointment, but, on a beautiful day,  it beat hanging around the hotel.

 This is a white rhino.  There are also black rhinos in the park, but we didn't sees any.  The white rhino has a massive head, and he is a grazer who likes to eat grass.  The black rhino has a much smaller head because he in a browser who eats  bushes and trees.

Notice how this guys stripes are not parallel.  They go in different directions.

This is the truck we rode in for the game drive.  Very different experience than a safari!  The roads are all nicely paved here with no need for a 4-wheel drive.

Notice the birds on this giraffe.  They eat the bugs from his hide so both giraffe and bird are happy with this relationship.

We are ready to fly home today and will arrive Sunday morning.  It's so hard to believe.  I think it will take time to readjust to life in Salt Lake, to get my mind around the fact we are actually going home. We have a list of things we wanted to see happen before leaving Burundi, but that list must be re-visited, revised.  We plan on continuing to do what it is possible to do over the internet.
 I sorrow for the good people we know in Bujumbura,  I worry about their future and the future of Burundi.  I know I have left part of my heart in Bujumbura and bring home with me so many memories.  What a life-changing experience!  We'll never be the same.


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  3. We certainly understand how much Africa changes you. Our perspective will never be the same and we're grateful for that. Glad you got home safely. Hope to see you sometime in SLC.