Friday, December 12, 2014

Because Susann would no post this herself I am taking liberties..  This E-mail was sent to Susann after she expressed to the family the honor of them recognizing her by naming their new born child after her.
 This ain't pretty but it's heaven!  Because I did it.
                Dear Sister  Neeley ,
it is a great privilege and delight for us and it is a great honor to name our baby Susan as your name really a name that she will take here on earth and in the heaven. We have taken that name for you because of your great attitude and enthusiasm and sociability between people. While you are here in Bujumbura my wife and I have enjoyed you tremendously as we took time to talk .
And we 're very grateful that our child will be good like you.
Also your reaction has been good to say that it is a great honor for you really!

We know that the Lord will bless you because of your kindness and sacrifice
Of time and money to serve here in Bujumbura and Uvira . The contribution that we Offer to build the kingdom of God on earth will lead us up to the exaltation .

Always going forward!
President Jean Rene & Wife

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