Monday, December 15, 2014

     Saturday night Gian Franco merely wanted to share with us the information he had found on the internet about the Church.  He was very excited about the information he found concerning the bishop's storehouses and the ability we have to send food and other necessities to people in need.

     On Sunday, he came to Church and brought his 3 daughters.


     The elders and sisters in our zone, 12 of them, got together on Monday for a zone activity which consisted of going to the "zoo"  together.  It was a gorgeous day, and we had lots of fun!  This "zoo" is small and doesn't have many animals, but the one outstanding thing about this zoo is that you can get up close and personal with the animals.

This beautiful young leopard came from the Congo.

 He loved getting attention, having his back scratched.  Kind of like a big pussy cat.

     Here we each got to go inside the crocodile's pen and touch him.  I kept asking myself, "Why doesn't this croc move?" I still don't understand why, but I remain grateful that he didn't budge.   One unexpected scare came when my knees gave way as I was crouching down to touch him.  I nearly landed on top of him, but was able to fall just beside him.  Darn knees!

     There were 2 chimps in a cage together.  One seemed a bit cranky, but the other one was calm enough.  He liked to have his back and arm petted and scratched.

It's hard to see all these animals in small cages.  I doubt there are any rules about the treatment of animals in Burundi.

Next stop is the snake department!  We were allowed to wear the green snakes like jewelry, passing them from one missionary to the other for photo ops.

Next is  the python which was passed around.  I hope these snakes don't catch something from all of us and die!

Here is a picture of all 12 of our missionaries.Cute, huh!  And check out the cool tree behind them!

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