Monday, April 14, 2014

     Last  Thursday, President Monga from the Mission Presidency, was scheduled to do a training meeting with the branches here.  That morning we went to greet him at this hotel, thinking perhaps we could bring some refreshments for his meeting that afternoon at 2:00pm.  By the time we left our little welcome meeting, we had been asked to do some of the leadership training at his training session.  I was asked to speak on the Relief Society, its purpose, its responsibilities, the way it should function.  Gary was asked to speak about time, the importance of starting meetings on time, the importance of planning the use of your time,etc.  I was in a panic, having about an hour to come up with something to say in French.  Not my finest hour, I must admit!  After the meeting, we drove the Monga's out to the lake where we met the Cahoon's for dinner.  President Monga and his wife are a great couple, both fluent in English and French.  He is an insightful man with a delightful sense of humor.  The next morning we heard that Pres. Monga was just called to be the first black Mission President in Africa.  So exciting!  The Church is growing quickly here.  It is fun to be here to witness some of the growth.  It kind of makes me feel like a pioneer!

     I love the variety of things we get to get our fingers into!  This week we started a painting project at the ward which involved painting the offices of the two new branch presidents.  We bought paint, hired a painter, bought new desks and chairs, washed the curtains, cleaned the floors, set up the computer and two desks for the ward clerks.  This is a photo of them rehanging the newly washed curtains.  The entire building needs to be painted and cleaned, so this is just a start.  But it feels good!

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