Monday, April 7, 2014

There is a cultural problem here which may be due to poverty or it may be just the way things have been done here for ever and ever.  The problem is that dishonesty, like stealing or lying, is pretty widespread.  Our Branch Two building has had so much stolen it's crazy.  Of course the computer was stolen, but so were the curtains in the chapel, the slats of glass that go in the window louvers. all the garbage cans in the ward, the clocks, the Relief Society dishes,  and the plastic chairs we sit on in the classrooms.  These things were not taken all at once but rather in multiple break-ins.  Or they just gradually disappear.  There is never toilet paper in the bathrooms at the ward because it will just get taken.  Sideview windows on cars here need to be etched with the vehicles license number to discourage theft.  And the coup de gras, the large metal sign with the Church's name on it was pried off the brick wall.

Here is Gary as he puts in a washing machine where never a washer has been.  And a picture of the shower he put up for Remy.  And a photo of the delicious(?) banana bread I tried to bake in an oven with no temperature control settings.(?)

The only problem with the washer is that when it spins , it bucks, and jumps across the floor until it unplugs itself or you throw yourself on top of it to stop it.  We make mad dashes to the laundry area every time we wash.

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