Monday, April 14, 2014

Today (Saturday) we went to find fabric for me to have a formal Burundi dress made.  We found a pretty fabric in a shop down on Mission Street. We paid for the fabric, about $33, and then had it made while we waited.  There is a group of seamstresses out in front of the fabric store using treadle machines who can whip up one of these dresses in about 45 minutes.  They are one-size-fits

-all dresses.  The only measurement they take is from your waist to the ground.  And you must pay them for sewing up your dress.  A whopping $3.20!  It was a fun experience!

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  1. PRetty! IT's so cool! I want one :) Wait, it's way too expensive, i can't afford it. J/k and not funny. IT's amazing