Monday, April 7, 2014

Traffic here in Bujumbura is terrible!  In a city of nearly one million people, there is not one traffic light!  Hence, everyone just presses forward trying to get where they need to go.  Two or there "lanes" will be trying to turn left thru oncoming traffic, while other cars are trying to go straight through.  You get lots of traffic jams and lots of accidents.  And in the mix of traffic there are pedestrians taking their life in their hands to cross the street and numerous motorcycles and bicycles that just squeeze through wherever they can.

The main roads are nicely paved but side streets that feed onto the main roads are deeply rutted, pocked, dirt roads that are worse than any of ours in the mountains.  There are also some streets that are cobblestoned.  People here don't need trucks---they simply stack or pile their load on the back of their bicycle.  Or put it on top of their head!

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  1. If you just had a Hummer, you could drive over the top of everyone. Where are the Hummers when they are deeded.