Sunday, August 10, 2014

     The day after the 3 branch conference, we started our day by going to visit the head dude at Immigration again.  We thought we had our missionary visa situation worked out, but last week when we went to immigration to pick up 5 visas for the elders, the chief of visas refused to give them to us unless we paid $210 for each missionary's 3 month visa.  This was the same issue we had last time we attempted to get visas, the same issue we talked to the head of Immigration about.  Long story short, I exchanged some unhappy, angry words with the head of visas to the point that I was just shaking with emotion.  SO, Monday morning all 8 of us "whitey's" went back to see the head of Immigration.  He advised us to write a letter explaining what the Church was all about and give this letter to 4 different ministers in the government.  The rest of the day we spent at the Rwandan Embassy, applying for visas so we could all go to Bukavu, Congo via Rwanda.  In the evening, after missionary interviews, we all went to Silhouette for dinner.
                                      Here are the elders, kicking back and enjoying dinner.

On Tuesday, our group of 8 headed to Uvira to meet with the branch presidents there.  But President Mabishwa asked if the President could meet the members in the 2 branches, so there was a meeting when we got there in honor of the new mission President's visit.  President Thomas spoke, and then, out of the blue, he asked if I would come up and bear my testimony.  Surprise!  

                       This is President Thomas and his wife.  Notice the chapel is actually a tent.

The day ended back in Bujumbura with setting apart a missionary who leaves for the Ivory Coast in 2 days.  And then dinner at Club Lake Tanganyika.

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