Friday, August 8, 2014

     Today, instruction in preparing a typical meal, Burundian style.  Our missionary candiate, Remy, will be our chef du jour.  Here he is,  having lit his charbon (charcoal) fire.

Next step is to carefully wash your beans.

Add beans to your pot.

                                                    Cook your beans for 11/2 hours.

 In the meantime, add chopped onion to your rice (after you have washed your rice.)

                                                     In another pot, heat palm oil.

                                         Chop up tomatoes and onions,

                                                    and add it to your palm oil.

                                  When your beans are done, add some tasty ling-linga.

                             Then pour your palm oil mixture over your bean mixture.

                    Scoop some rice onto your plate, and pour the bean mixture over the rice.

                                   Et voila!  This is what they eat every day for dinner.
                                            Thanks to Remy for the demonstration.

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  1. I can't believe the experience you are having. Amazing. We miss you.