Tuesday, August 19, 2014

     At last!  The unveiling of Desire's new smile!  You remember when this young man who was missing a front tooth went to the dentist to have the tooth replaced and had two more whittled down to nubs?  Well, he had a bad infection following the procedure and suffered a lot of pain until the infection was cured.  Now, here are the results of all his pain and suffering!

He is about to receive his mission call.

Our power situation has been ridiculous lately, averaging between 3-4 hours of power in a day and never knowing when those hours of power will occur.  Our generator has been broken and even after having been taken to be repaired, it doesn't work at all.  So, we spent a good part of 2 days trying to find one the right size.  We finally made a purchase, but when we got it home, it wouldn't start, so then we had to go on a quest to find somewhere that could charge our new battery that was in the new generator.  I tell you, absolutely nothing is easy!

Here is Gary hooking up our new generator.

Friday, August 15th started with meeting Branch President Jean Rene to go to a hospital where an 11 year old boy was awaiting hernia surgery.  The family changed which hospital they elected to use, and when we pulled up, the "hospital" didn't inspire much confidence.  It was actually a small house with one car in the driveway.

The boy was already hooked up to an IV and surgery was scheduled for 3:00pm.  Gary and Jean Rene gave him a blessing, using oil Gary brought.  Our main purpose was to pay for the boy's surgery, so having done that, we left, leaving the boy and his mom waiting.  Hope all goes well.

Later this afternoon we went to a graduation "party" in honor of a cute young man named Desire, ward clerk in Branch 2.  I call him my favorite poet ever since he composed a long poem entitled "The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints."  He presented this poem in a very dramatic fashion in a missionary training meeting,  walking, strutting, gesturing dramatically, his voice rising and falling as he 
paced back and forth in front of his audience.  He graduated with a degree in doing lab work, in identifying various illnesses, microbes, virus, and bacteria.  But if all else fails, I still believe there's a 
coffee house in NYC waiting for Desire to do his groovin' and jive poetry!  The graduation party again consisted of sitting in a somber circle, with people standing at will to share thoughts about Desire, about the accomplishment of his graduation.  And then the proverbial Fanta!  There were about 20 of us there, and our car was the only vehicle in the parking lot.  

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