Friday, August 29, 2014

     Monday was an interesting day.  To start with, 2 exciting things happened:  1.)  Desire's mission call arrived at our door!  (Desire is the young man with the new smile.)  He is going to Kinshasa, Congo on Oct. 30th.   2.)  While we were at Branch 2, Desire (the young man who just graduated and is an aspiring poet) presented us with a wrapped gift.  We opened it and were blown away.  He handmade for us a picture out of banana fibers and manioc root that said, "I love you, Elder and Sister Neeley."

We were touched by the gift.

Also on Monday we went to investigate a school for Domine's son.  She wants him to learn English along with his French, and that isn't possible in the public schools in Bujumbura.  We also went to look at a 2nd possibility for a new building for Branch 3.  Jean Paul came with us to take measurements and develop a plan for remodeling the current building to make it work for a Church.  Following that, we had a meeting with the 3 Branch presidents and Aimable at Gian Franco's.  (He is the part owner and chef at the hotel near us.)  We needed to have a conversation with all of the above concerning 4 orphans who are about to come to Bujumbura to be placed to Australia and wants to bring the 4 siblings to live with her there.  Gian Franco is an attorney who has been involved with refugees, especially children, most of his life.  We are concerned that these children may be unable to make the move.  Perhaps Australia will not allow the sister to bring them.  Maybe she won't have money to pay for passports, visas, transportation.  How long will the kids be living with members?  What happens if they can never leave?
Last surprise of the day was receiving a phone call from Elder Ngongo and Elder Muhemedy, 2 of our full-time missionaries.  They had been in a downtown area and were stopped by the police.  Unable to provide passports, they were being detained.  We grabbed the 2 passports and zone leader Elder Kapata and headed to "centre ville."  There we found the 2 elders in the back of a large covered police truck.  When we provided their passports, they were released.  The police official told us they were making a sweep of that particular area in an effort to break up bands of pick-pockets.  Kind of a funny way to end the day!

Should have had your name tags on, Elders!  Even if it was P day.

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