Saturday, March 29, 2014

A few words about the hospital system in Burundi.  If someone is in the hospital, a friend or family member must take food to that patient a couple of times a day, as no food is provided.  There is no bathroom for the room, but a communal bathroom down the hall.  There are no showers, and if you should want your sheets washed, you must do it yourself and let them dry on the lawn out front.  If you cannot pay your bill, you are moved to a guarded wing and kept there until your bill is paid in full.  If you should die while in the hospital, they will not release your body to your family until the hospital bill is paid in full.  There is no health insurance, and even if there were, no one could afford it.  Makes our system look pretty good!

Here are some photos of our "estate."  This is a picture of our street, Murembwe Avenue.

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