Monday, March 31, 2014

Grocery shopping here is kind of a challenge, as it is so limited.  Where's a Costco when you need it?  If you are looking for eggs, don't look in a cooler.  You will find them in plastic bags in groups of 6 or 10 sitting on the shelves.  I have yet to see any beef, and chicken is frozen solid and with limited availability.  No sour cream, no cream cheese, no canned soup. (to name a few of the missing goods) Veggies and fruits are sold in separate little markets or by people in the streets.  In fact we even bought our cheese from someone on the street.  There are also people with multiple cartons of eggs stacked on their heads trying to sell them to passers-by, but I have yet to try eggs from those vendors.  Following are photos of my 2 main sources of food.

This is Chez Shiva, the store where get most of my dry goods.  It is run by a nice Indian woman.  
The other one is Bon Prix which has a fresh fruits and vegetables market next to it.

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