Monday, March 17, 2014

This is a picture of the mission home in Lubumbashi.  It is in a walled compound with several smaller buildings.  Guards  open and close the gates for you.


  1. woo hoo!! 2 successful posts! proud of you two!!! looks like you are already deep into your adventure! looking forward to reading more! xoxo. -Brianna

  2. It is so much fun reading the blog. I can't wait to get for the continued adventure. Now the fufu thing well to each his own and the fish (what kind) could be okay. I feel like I am seeing the same little people from the Tanner mission. So much fun. The choir sounds just like the experience Tanner had when a choir of Malagasy sang for an apostle. He said it was wonderful as I am sure you feel the same about the choir you listened too. All is well here. Bonnie turned my age on the 20th so that was fun for me. God bless you and keep you from harm of any kind. Love, Kay