Monday, October 13, 2014


     Gary is having a hard time with bugs here, real and imaginary.  One day we were sitting in the living room when he suddenly yelled and jumped straight in the air.  He quickly dropped his trousers and discovered a large ant had climbed up his leg and bit him hard on his calf.  I was grateful we were at home when this happened, as the trousers were down in 2 seconds flat!

     He is struggling with real and imaginary mosquitos during the night.  I can tell you it is very disruptive to have Gary hunting mosquitos in the middle of the night.  He rummages around on his knees on our bed in his garmies with a flashlight in one hand and a tennis racquet shaped bug zapper in the other.  He shines the light everywhere on the mosquito netting and  swooshes the zapper through the air.  It crackles when it hits a bug or a dust particle.  I, in the mean time, am attempting to sleep.  No such luck.

     Did I tell you about a hamburger I ordered at a restaurant here in town?  Instead of a bun,  it had 3 slices of bread, cut in perfect circles stacked on the top and 3 more on the bottom.  That was their solution for a hamburger bun. Creative, I grant you, but not very good!

We had "movie afternoon" in Branch 2 and 3 where we showed the movie Frozen.  (Activities are never at night here.)  My sister Kim sent me a copy of the film, and it had French soundtrack option.  So we popped popcorn, added some peanuts to the mix, and put portions in plastic bags.  I explained to them that in the U.S. we often eat popcorn while watching a movie.

This is us making preparations to show the movie.  Hanging some fabric over the windows to help shut out some of the light.

 We are getting seating arranged here in the chapel where the video will be shown.

 We had about 50 people come for the movie, very few bing children or women.   We heard from the branch president that everyone loved it and they want to see it again.  Or another film if we have it.  There are no movie theaters here in Bujumbura, so I guess this was a real treat for the members.
After the movie and the clean-up we went to Gian Franco's to unwind and relax.

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