Sunday, October 19, 2014

  Saturday morning we attended the baptisms of a woman named Kathi and her daughter Ange.  Elder Kapata (the zone leader we have worked with for the past 7 months) had asked us to come to one of the missionary discussions with Kathi and Ange, so we had the opportunity to take part in the discussion with them.  That was a blessing, and I have Elder Kapata to thank for that blessing.
The next day Kathi asked us to come to her house for a celebration of her baptism.  She held the celebration outside in her shared, dirt courtyard.  There were about 15 of us sitting on plastic chairs in a circle.  We received the traditional Fanta, but then Kathi started bringing out plates heaping with rice and with one piece of tough beef.  The rice had an onion sauce on it that was really tasty.  
Gary with his plate of food.
     At one point, I complimented Kathi on her onion sauce, and she rushed to get me more.  She appeared with the pot of sauce, grabbed my fork to spoon some out on my rice, and then kept my fork and made her way around the circle, spooning more sauce onto everyone else's rice using my fork.  It was kind of funny and a bit awkward.  That left me with no fork, so Gary and I shared his fork to eat our meal.  I hope I didn't infect everybody with some dread gambu , as my fork ended up being the serving utensil for us all!
The elders enjoying the gathering to celebrate the baptisms.

     We were sitting outside, the evening air was pleasant.  Dusk came, and the nightly flight of the bats was passing overhead.  It hit me again how good it is to be here and gratitude again filled my heart.  I think these last couple of days were given to me as a store against the days of frustration and difficulty.

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