Sunday, October 12, 2014

Remy has almost finished reinforcing his mom's house, so he asked us to come and see his progress.  He leaves on his mission on Thursday so it is good he has finished.  We went back and again drew a crowd.
You can see the smooth coat of cement over the disintegrating brick.  Remy is such a hard worker, such a good guy.
So glad that Remy's mom and siblings will have a house to live in that won't fall down on their heads or leak when it rains.  At least the big holes are filled!

The other day we were driving somewhere with Remy when I pulled out some gum for Gary and me.    To be polite, I offered Remy a piece.  He didn't know what it was and asked if it was medicine.  I tried to explain to him what gum is, why we chew it.  It was kind of a challenge to make sense of the gum concept.  And then I had to explain that you don't swallow it, you spit it in paper and throw it in the garbage.  I don't know if the gum experience was very satisfying.  He didn't chew it long.  Not nearly as enjoyable as his first taste of strawberries!

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