Friday, October 17, 2014

     A member of one of the branches (elders quorum president) came to us asking for us to give him money from the Church.  As far as we could tell, he had had some bad things happen to him which have caused financial problems, but nothing he has experienced would qualify him for welfare at this time.   Sad story but true.  Anyway, he wanted us to come and see his rice milling machine.  He wants the Church to give him 9,000,000 BIF (about $6000) so he can invest in his rice milling business by purchasing large quantities of rice to mill. Business capital  is not an appropriate use of welfare money, but wanting to show our concern and support, we agreed to come see his machine.

The ride to the little town where the mill is located was a beautiful drive.  It was so green.  We passed fields of rice and groves of palm oil trees.

This is his milling machine. 

These are some of the employees who work at the rice mill.
Some local cows wandering down the road in from of the mill.
This young lady wanted her picture taken.

It was a pleasant ride and so interesting to see Brother Simon's rice mill.  
You sometimes wish you could help everyone who needs help.  The hard thing is knowing you can't.

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