Sunday, October 5, 2014

     One of the members, Jean Marie,  called us last week and asked us if we could go the hospital and pick up his wife and their new born baby and take them home.  We had a half hour to spare before our next meeting, so we said we would.  That sounded like pretty good duty to me!  We picked up the new father so he could tell us where to go to get his wife and baby.
This is a photo of  the proud parents and their new daughter.  Jean Marie and Nicole are the mom and dad.

New baby!

The mom was greeted by a friend/neighbor when we arrived at their home.  This is a sizable courtyard that several homes share.
This is the new parents on the left and the grandma on the right.  Just like at home in the U.S., grandma is there to do whatever she can to help.  (Small plug for Grandmas everywhere!)

First portrait of the mom and her new baby.  

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