Saturday, May 17, 2014

     Friday, at the last possible minute, we got the visas for the 2nd temple group from Uvira.  We were told to be at the embassy  at 12:00 to pick them up.  We arrived 20 minutes early and then sat for an hour and twenty before the woman came into the waiting area to tell us we could have all of the visas but one.  She would not approve a visa for a young girl who was coming with her birth father and his wife.  (The girl's mother had died, and her dad had remarried.)  We had brought a marriage certificate and a letter from the second wife stating that she had been the girl's mother ever since she had married the girl's father,  but the consular officer said that due to concerns about child trafficking, she could not allow the girl to go.  When I went up to the window to get the passports with visas, the young girl's was not there.  When I asked about getting her passport back, they told me to wait.  When they gave it to me, there was a South African visa in it just like the others!  I think we'll have a second group coming here on Sunday.  I'm still a bit worried about getting through immigration.

     Saturday we went from saying goodbye to the 1st Uvira temple group as they left for home  to another baptismal event at Branch 2.  Five more people were baptized today.  Wherever we go, people ask questions about the church.  A young woman clerk in a photo shop spoke to us and is now reading the Book of Mormon.  A woman in the military at the airport has requested some information, as did a woman in the South African airport.  We went to a glass shop to replace the glass that had broken in a frame.  It was for a photo of the first presidency, and when Gary told the crowd around him that that was a photo of a living prophet on the earth today and two of his apostles, they were anxious to hear more.  People here are seeking the truth, looking for Christ's Church.

     This is a photo of Gary at the glass shop and then a photo of me with the two pictures we gave to each of the branch presidents to put in their offices.  We bought the pictures in Johannesburg and the frames here in Bujumbura.


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