Wednesday, May 14, 2014

On Mothers Day, we loaded 7 missionaries in the truck and headed to Branch 2 for them to perform  "I Know That My Redeemer Lives"  in English.  It's kind of a special day because we are going to play a DVD of a session of April Conference.  Here they are performing:

Then we turned on Conference.  The pictures of the temple, of the temple grounds, the sound of the Mo Tab Choir singing, and the sight of thousands of people back home (people who look like me) made me tear up a bit.
This is a photo of our podium in the chapel and the chapel itself.

We learned this morning that thieves had come back again in the night (that is 3 times this week) and had started ripping out plumbing pipes on the exterior of the church.  They were interrupted by the young men who we had staying there overnight to prevent more thefts, but still damage was done.  The bathrooms are now unusable.  Got to get them fixed!

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