Saturday, May 17, 2014

     Tuesday we met up with Dr. Jesse Hunsaker and his wife Diane.  They are servo  missionaries who are here setting up an  ophthalmology clinic.  They have partnered with a local eye doctor and are going to build a clinic with the much needed equipment in east Burundi to treat the people there.  Up to now, there has been no eye care available to this population.  The Hunsakers spent most of the day running around with us.  Then we enjoyed a beautiful, breeze-filled evening and dinner at Lake Tanganyika.

     We also met a woman who has established a foundation called Adopt a Widow.  Here in Africa, traditionally when a man dies, all he and his wife have owned together becomes property of his family. The poor widow is left with nothing and no way to support herself.  Even the children belong to the dead man's family.

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