Thursday, May 1, 2014

     Driving through town you often pass Red Cross and UN land cruisers.  Every Sunday at Church, our vehicle (Toyota 4 wheel drive truck) is the only car in the parking lot.  No one owns a car.  In branch one, a "wealthier" branch, there may be 4 cars plus the missionary couple's truck in the parking lot.  An interesting note.  Remember when I said there are no traffic signals in the city?  I was talking to one of the members about that, and he informed me that Bujumbura once put in a couple of traffic lights to see how they would work, but unfortunately, they were stolen.  (?!)

     As you drive along the streets you notice there are basically 2 ways to mow the grass alongside the road----some men using scythes or a herd of goats.  Everything , including digging deep gutters, is done by hand, by hard physical labor by people with shovels and picks.

     We met a 60 year old member of the Church today who told us a bit about his family history.  His grandfather was captured in Tanzania by an Arab slaver and taken in chains across country to be sold.  He and his wife were able to escape in the Congo before being sold and ended up settling in Burundi.  That is not that long ago, which blows my mind.

     Driving down the road by the lake today we noticed a small group of people looking out at the lake.  I looked out and there near the shore was a hippo!  Once again I notice I'm not living in Utah!

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