Wednesday, May 7, 2014

     The other day I sat down on the sofa and heard a noise to my left.  I looked down and there on the sofa by my side, was a 10-12 inch gecko!  We love the little guys because they are our bug patrol, but I didn't really want him in my lap, so I surrendered the couch to him and I moved to a chair.  

     Yesterday, the 7th, was our anniversary.  We started the day with breakfast with the humanitarian group who had a visitor in town.  Then we had to hurry up to branch 2.  They had been burglarized for the second night in a row.  All of the chairs were taken, the sound system in the chapel was gone, and a large metal grate in front of the front door was gone.  The thieves keep targeting this same poor branch, so we have decided to put 2 young men in the church over night to act as a deterrent.  We ran to a market and purchased a mattress for the young men.  We are going to build a small structure to house permanent guards in as soon as possible.  After handling this situation, we made our daily run to the South African Embassy to attempt to get the visas for a group heading to the Johannesburg temple.  Once again we had no luck.  We are running out of time, as they are due to fly out on Monday.  We bought supplies for the missionary apartments and then went to teach the elders an English class.  This is always fun.  At the end of the class we worked on a hymn they are going to sing on Sunday for 2 of the branches.  

Here is Gary leading the elders and loving it!

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  1. What song are they learning? Is it in English?