Thursday, May 1, 2014

The Cahoon's have left for home, sadly.  Now we are living in the house where they used to live.  It, too, was filthy and full of stacks of random papers.  We are in the process of deciding which of those papers are truly vital and which can be tossed in the round filing receptacle.  While cleaning our bathroom for the first time here, imagine my surprise while cleaning the sink to suddenly step in a hole and go tumbling down.  Turns out, the hole is actually a strangely placed shower stall in the floor by the sink.  Happily the only casualty of my fall was a ripped nail, as I tried to catch myself.

This house has quite a nice yard,  complete with an avocado tree, among others.  We picked some the other day and are enjoying fresh avocados.  The house also has a breakfast room that I especially enjoy.  It is screened in and looks out at the yard.  We have been battling daddy long-leg webs and an army of little kitchen ants.  It's hard to keep up with the daddy long-leg's spider webs, and the little ants are so annoying.  The other day while eating lunch, I looked down at my plate and there was a group of them running around my plate trying to share my sandwich.  I quickly washed them down the sink and returned to eating my lunch.

     Living here is quite interesting, to say the least.  No phone books, no mail service, no T.V., no garbage disposal, no dryer, no air conditioning, no BACON.  For the past week we have not had water till 10: at night and the power is constantly going down.  Sometimes it returns quite quickly, sometimes it is down for hours.

     The other day, one of the branches (wards) ran out of electricity.  To get the power back on, you go to the power store and stand in line to buy however much power you would like.  (It's a pre-pay system. )  Gary and I went to the power store to purchase power for the branch, but it turned out there was a problem with the account number.  We went to another office to try to resolve the problem and while we were there at the power company, the power went out and they were unable to help us fix our problem.  The irony of it all.

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