Wednesday, June 4, 2014

     Uvira, Congo is the most third world city we have visited so far.  There is one semi-paved road that runs down the middle of the town, paralleling the lake.  Concrete has fallen off both sides and large holes have developed in the middle!  Goats are wandering everywhere you look, the markets on either side of the road are bustling with people and color, and I swear there are more motorbikes per capita than anywhere else in the world!  As you bounce and lurch down the street, you meet masses of motorcycles, foot traffic, vendors of all sorts and trucks and carts of all sizes and descriptions.

These 2 photos show a huge truck that was coming down the street towards us and a man on a bicycle in front of us who was taking his bread to market.  All shapes and sizes share the road.

The river is the perfect place for washing clothes, washing yourself, washing your truck, washing your motorbike.  Or getting water to drink.

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