Thursday, June 5, 2014

     Monday, the McMullin's last day in Bujumbura, we decided to go on a boat ride up the Ruzizi River.  That morning we went to Lake Tanganyika where we boarded a small pontoon boat and headed out in the lake.  What a great day for a boat ride!  It felt so good to be in a boat again, feeling the wind blow through our hair.  I do believe that is the first time ever Gary has been on a boat, sporting a shirt and tie!

We got to the Ruzizi River and headed upstream.  Not too far up, we spotted them-----hippos!
They kept their eyes on us as if daring us to approach.  Our guide advised we not get too lose, as hippos can and will attack if they feel threatened.  There was one hippo who sort of gave a mini-charge accompanied by a good snort.  It was all good!  

That morning we saw plenty of hippos and birds, but the elusive crocodile escaped us.  Maybe that's just as well, as this is the river where Gustave the crocodile has had his share of villagers!

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