Saturday, June 28, 2014

     Another interesting white person we have met is an Italian man named Gianfranco.  He has his doctorate of law and has spent the last 30 years serving in various aide and relief organizations.  We met him when we decided to check out a little Italian restaurant in a new hotel not far from us.  When we walked in, no one was in the restaurant.  Then a lady greeted us and said she would call the chef to come to cook.  Turned out the "chef" was Gianfranco, who is also the hotel owner.  His passion is Italian cuisine.  Here in Bujumbura, he is now working to combat societal problems of drug addiction, alcoholism, domestic violence by writing "comic books" to warn the youth of the city about the dangers of those activities.  And he is a terrific chef!  We have had the best meals at his restaurant.  Sometimes we just let him cook whatever he chooses for us for dinner.  And I like speaking French with him, as he is very easy to understand.

This is a picture of Gianfranco's hotel  and sign on the wall advertising his restaurant:

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