Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Hold the phone!  News alert!  The 3 candidate missionaries who live behind our house are cleaning a pigeon for dinner.  Don't know if they caught it or bought it, but I do know there's not much meat on a pigeon!  (I know this to be true because I ate one in Egypt!)

Another cooking calamity.  Last night I set a fire in my oven!  I was attempting to bake a loaf of bread. Sister Cahoon always put 2 pieces of corrugated in the broiler pan and placed the item to be cooked on top of the corrugated.  She did that because the oven has a tendency to burn things on the bottom.  The bread had been in the oven about 1/2 hour when I decided, as a precaution, to put the broiler pan with corrugated in the oven.  I put it under the oven shelf, down on the heat, obviously too close to the flames.  A few minutes later we were sitting in the living room when Gary said, " What's burning?"  It didn't smell like bread, so I rushed into the kitchen to find smoke billowing out of my oven.  We opened the oven and sure enough the cardboard was on fire.  Gary tried to pull out the broiler pan, but the heat had caused the pan to expand and it was stuck in the oven.  I ended up holding on to the oven while Gary tugged on the pan and he finally got it to come out.  He ran outside with the burning cardboard.  My hero!  And the bread turned out good in spite of it all!

A true wildlife experience.  This morning I was sitting on my sofa looking at my iPad  when all of a sudden a gecko climbed on my shoulder.  I don't know who was more alarmed, him or me, when I jumped several feet in the air.  We both scurried off in different directions.  This gecko needs to learn  to respect my personal space!  I don't know if I will ever get used to wildlife in the living room!

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