Friday, June 13, 2014

     Sunday in Relief Society the lesson was on the characteristics and qualities of God.  The discussion took a lively turn when they started wondering/speculating about what color is God---is he black or is he white?  They also wondered where all the different colors of people came from.  How did we end up having so many different races when it all started with Adam and Eve?  It was also inconceivable to some of the ladies that God does not have blood, just flesh and bone.  So, they asked, what does he eat? How does he live if he doesn't eat?  Important points about the nature of God were made as well, but their discussion was intriguing.

Here are photos of the 2 new branch presidencies and their wives in Uvira:

One thing that has struck me since I got here is the health problems I have seen just on the streets.  Never have I seen so many people with withered legs, unable to walk.  Perhaps polio?  Never have I seen so many people with missing limbs  The war?  And never have I seen such a sight as a little boy with a terrible disfiguring condition who is spending his childhood begging on Mission Street.  No school, no playing with friends.  His skin is horribly misshapen head to toe.  His eyes are swollen to slits and are blood red.  What could this be?  Is there no help possible for this child?  I stopped one day and was trying to talk to him, but he speaks neither French or English.  I gave him a bit of money and a sticker for his hand, but what I would like to do is to have him looked at by a doctor.  We also saw a woman walking(?) down the street whose spine was so bent over backwards that her legs proceeded her and someone had to support her upper torso from behind as she made her way down the street.  I am so blown away my heart aches for these people who have not had the medical care that we take for granted at home.  It's so humbling and troubling.

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