Thursday, June 12, 2014

     Next morning, we took 2 of our "candidate missionaries" to do their monthly shopping at a local market some distance from our house.  It was definitely a "cultural" experience.  I'm sure we were the only white people for blocks if not miles.  We were constantly greeted by cries of   "muzunga!" (white person!)  We watched them do their shopping for the food staples they like to eat----beans, rice, palm oil, vegetable oil, manioc flour (for fu-fu and the bread they cook on the coals of their fires.)  The market was congested and oh so busy.  Our noses were assaulted by the sickly sweet/sour smell of rotting garbage, the pungent smell of dead fish and the odor of raw meat available for purchase that was hanging from hooks or sitting on the dirty wooden counter.  We didn't buy anything, but it was fun to experience the market.

Photos of how to haul things around in Bujumbura:


One of our "candidate missionaries" who lives behind us had a front tooth broken off at the gum line about 3 years ago.  We thought it would be great to have that fixed, so we got it approved by the mission president, and today Desire had the rest of the tooth and root removed.  First step towards a new smile!  Pictures will follow.

Wednesday we took Elder Kalala to the same hospital where Gary had tests done here in Bujumbura.  He has been complaining of pain for a couple of weeks now, and after treating him with meds for a couple of different possible diagnoses, we took him to see a Dr.  They ran blood and urine tests, did a physical exam, did an "echo", and put him on different meds.  Saturday we return.  
Note:  I am still not accustomed to asking these young men, "Is your testicle swollen?  Is your scrotum swollen?  What color is your diarrhea?"

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