Tuesday, June 3, 2014

     Thursday, May 29th we picked up the mission president at the airport and went straight to the Kigobe apartments for missionary interviews.  While President McMullin was interviewing, Gary and I ran to a nearby pharmacy for meds for a missionary who may have worms.  After spending a whopping $1.50 for 3 days of 2 different medications, we bought beignets for everyone and headed back to the apartment.  After all the interviews,  we went downtown to Cafe Silhouette where we had made arrangements for dinner for the 16 of us.  (10 young elders and 6 old farts)  It was good, and I think the boys enjoyed it.  (Going there was their idea.  It's kind of a hip, European spot with cute waitresses!)

     Next day was zone conference.  We bought 90 bananas and water for 16 as refreshments for the midday break.  Conference started at 9:00am and ended at 3:30pm.  The elders had requested we teach them a hymn in English that they could sing for the president, as this is his final trip to Bujumbura before he is released and goes home.  The hymn they chose was "More Holiness Give Me," and they sang it beautifully, bringing tears to my eyes.  After zone conference, we adults went to Hotel Lake Tanganyika for dinner.  We were joined by a "senatrice" (female senator) and Alphonse, the Chief of the Cabinet.  We talked about what they felt were Bujumbura's biggest needs.  The "senatrice" felt that clean water was the biggest issue.

     Next morning, we joined the Mc Mullins for breakfast at their hotel, and then we loaded 10 people in 2 trucks and headed for Uvira, DRC.  While the mission president spent his day conducting interviews, we amused ourselves in various ways.  We took a short walk to a nearby school.  On the way, Elder Van entertained a group of children by teaching them "Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes." It was fun to watch the kids respond--they were quick studies!

Gary, Van Wagoner, and a couple of others went on a ride out to see some property that the Uvira branch would love to lease for a garden project.  Gary hot hassled by a "policeman" and ended up paying him a $5.00 bribe so he would let them go.  Meanwhile back at the branch, I passed out stickers to the kids and was about mobbed.  Carol started drawing their portraits.  She is really talented, and the kids were all mesmerized, watching her draw their pictures.  There was no end of willing models.

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